Saturday, October 18, 2008

100th post!!!

well pat me on the back cause this is my 100th post - I should have managed this feat back in Sept but oh well

So, today is MFC due date (although I think that baby might stay in hiding a few more days). Her belly is crazy big and I heart it! oh and happy wedding anniversary to you and Benjamin.

this pic is of her belly at 8ish months I believe? {and yes A.C. I hijacked a photo of yours}
But my dear cousin I thought it would be fun to have a couple of pics of us when we were just bambinos

I notice a similarity from your 4-D pic of your baby and you! THOSE BIG CUTE CHUBBY CHEEKS! How cute is g'ma in that pic?!? loves it! But I just wanted to say I can't wait for your baby to get out of your belly so we can have a proper introduction. I hope its soon! Love you!
{oh and how awesome are our outfits ha}

Monday, October 13, 2008

hello again

sorry for the delay in blogs -

so here is an interesting story

I get back to Oklahoma, and I get a new drivers license {because I shamefully lost mine in NY} and not but a couple of days later I receive a notice in the mail saying ...


now I have never had jury duty and I think it could be interesting if I get an interesting case but the timing stinks something terrible because I have a friend {lets call her HB} flying into town on a Sat. staying Sunday and flying out Mon. late afternoon. But I have to report for jury duty early that very same Mon. morning

{booo hisss}

oh well - I already decided that on Monday my mom will show my friend around. Which is actually all too appropriate because HB already believes my mother is a Oklahoma ambassador because my mom would always give her Oklahoma related items in hope that she would venture out this way for a trip and now its finally become a realization. SO hold on to your hat HB - I am pretty sure my mom is making an itinerary of all the Oklahoma related things that you will be doing on that Monday.