Monday, November 24, 2008

tres cute!

I think this TINY house would look great by the lake

its only 392 sq ft... but it contains pretty much all the basics {minus a washing machine - i think}

I think it would make for a perfect lake house! you buy the plans HERE and have some one build it for you! woot woot

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

don't check my list twice yet...

so I was asked by my mom what I was wanting for Christmas and at first I couldn't think of anything - but after roughly 20 minutes I was able to manage to make her a small list

here is one of them
5300 California Fleece Pant - from American Apparel
I am thinking I would like them in Brown, Navy or Black

buy these comfy duds HERE
{I already have them in green and grey but I love them so much that I feel that I need more}

cross my stitches and call me Sally

well I know I have talked about this cross stitch for some time - and I am pressing my sister to buy and make it for me for Christmas - so we will see...
but in the mean time


buy it HERE!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I already ordered mine

Its free for one - even the shipping! I placed my order and I bet a number of you follow suit!

this weekend

I went to The Girlie Show which is kinda like an arts and crafts show - but way cooler. I mean they sold booze so they get a one up on most craft shows. But its all women designers and it isn't those moms in Christmas sweaters or anything like that... it was a fun crowd. I was a little disappointed in the fact that there weren't as many vendors as I thought it would have but it was a fun environment nonetheless. The pic was of the sign above the booze line.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


and go VOTE!!!

I urge everyone to vote - no matter who you are voting for! I went at about 11 this morning and where I go there are about 5 different precincts for voting... a couple had long lines that snaked around - but luckily mine had no line at all. Walked in and walked right back out, it was lovely.

and as proof - my I VOTED sticker

I am eagerly anticipating the Presidental outcome - I might go into hiding for a couple of days if my dear canidate doesn't win. Well I lie about that - but I will be V.V. sad!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I heart Cecily Anne

MFC finally had her baby on Oct. 26th! Her name is Cecily Anne and she is beyond perfect! I love her soo much already

the pic is of her being a one-eyed pirate

she opens one eye to see if the coast is clear and you are lucky she will consider opening the other one... ADORABLE


well as an update on my jury duty... I showed up at 7am {blerg - it hurt getting up that early} and then they ended up letting me leave at 4. No jury duty for me - I served my afternoon and I guess that was all I was needed for. I didn't even get selected to see if I was a possible jury candidate. Oh well!

took the pic as I was leaving for the day


I know - I am a terrible blogger! So I might do a few today to make up for it a little!

so this is an awesome photo don't you think!!! I mean - where is Ken Medema looking? he follows you everywhere {spooky}

its the cover of a record that I found at a random vintage store in OKC - MFC showed me this store and I knew I had to record the moment via a pic of one crazy looking dude