Friday, February 29, 2008

was just thinking back...

I was going through my cousins food porn pics from Italy and for some reason his dessert pictures made me take a stroll down memory lane. Okay, so my sister was paired up with another girl from youth group at church for a bake sale. They were supposed to make a cake and then the congregation would bid on it and the highest bidder would get the cake. So, me being the pesky little kid that I was, I wanted to be a part of the cake making process. You know, right smack in the middle of it all. I remember them making a strawberry cake and it had PINK frosting... and then the bonus DECOR was that they put those little cinnamon redhots all OVER it. Now I didn't care for strawberry cake, but I LOVED those little redhots (p.s. yuck - cinnamon and strawberry)!!! So once all the baking and decorating was complete and my sisters friend from church was LONG gone, I snuck back into the kitchen and I picked off some of those redhots and used my finger to cover my tracks in the icing! I thought FOR SURE that I was good to go and no one would notice. So Sunday morning rolls around and my sister goes in to get her b-e-a-u-tiful cake and somehow its missing A LOT OF redhots (oops!)... haha. I got in a little bit of trouble and we had to go to the grocery store to pick up more redhots to replace the ones I had eaten off the cake (oh yeah the new redhots were not the same color of red as the ones originally on the cake ha). Good friends of the family ended up bidding on my sisters cake (only good friends would do this because who would want to eat strawberry and cinnamon). So the moral of the story? Well, its to not MIX strawberry and cinnamon, cause kids... they don't go together for cake purposes (of course)!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

baby needs a new pair of shoes

Yeah my converses are tired and worn out, but I love them sooo. I am in dire need of a new pair and maybe ones that aren't white because I am too hard on them (I think by hard I mean dirty). Maybe this time around I will get the starting color to be gray or olive and I want the slip-on ones too.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So I enjoying listening to what other people order at Starbucks or other little coffee shops. And what this girl ordered I had to look up, and I decided that I too will try this caffeinated concoction - its called a dirty chai!

While she was waiting for her order I couldn't help but ask her what all was in it. So she said that it is like a chai tea latte but you get a shot of espresso (the espresso makes it DIRRRRRRRRTY). Sounds pretty delicious to me! Although I would take it up another notch and go with a SOY dirty chai. Hmmm, this could sooo be my lunch for today.

UPDATE - My vote goes to delicious on the DIRRRTY CHAI!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the Oscars were no B-O-L-O-G-N-A!

Get it, Oscar Meyer - Bologna? No, or just too witless for you? Well well well isn't everyone the critic.

So I failed to get my money in for an Oscar pool which was a good thing because I checked my results and I only ended up getting a few right and 2 of them were total guesses! Seriously, I did not get the chance to view any of the films that were in the best short film, live action catergory but I sure did guess correctly that Le Mozart des Pickpockets would win.

I was SO happy that the best song went to the couple from the movie Once, if you haven't seen it - YOU SHOULD! Its just sweet and light-hearted. And there are a couple of other songs in the movie that are amazing besides the one that actually won.

Any favorite dresses from the Oscars?? hmm, mine were
Helen Mirren - those jeweled sleeves = amazing
Renee Zellweger - always the Carolina Herrera girl and as usual the dress rocked, her hair on the other hand needed some work and actually the lady could use some eating of the fatty bologna.
Katherine Heigel - the dress was gorgeous and lets just say she has flawless skin and I loathe her a little
PS I also loathe that chick that got to be George Clooney's date! VVVVVVVVVVVV to her haha

Last bit of my blabberness - I purchased the 1st season of Flight of the Conchords this past Sunday, I have seen most of the episodes, but I can't wait to re-watch them!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

my blog name

Well I just like the word smarmy! it makes me laugh, and I enjoy calling people Smarmy McSmarmertons when I don't like something they did or said.

As for the word revolution, I was watching the docu. Grey Gardens the other day and I love Edie Beals comment about her revolutionary costume for the day.

So I forced them together to be my new PB and J (actually I don't even enjoy PB and J - I nix the J cause my buds like HONEY! holla)

people of the world

AHHH, so behold my first blogging! I am hoping to fill this with lovely things, people and events I like ! So we shall see eh.

So I titled my first blog - people of the world - and you (my loyal reader) should want to sing out loud in reponse - SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!!!
Oh yes my dear confidants, I proudly went to the Spice Girls concert at Madison Square Garden and I loved every second of it. If they had done more than one show in the city and the tickets weren't as expensive I would have made plans to see them at least twice. It was beyond delightful. I had bought one of my cousin's (MFC - as she is commonly referred to as) a ticket to the show for Christmas and my friend HB also wanted to go so the three of us rocked it out, along with the many kids and teens.

Ahhh, ahhh there is Posh on the end... I don't get the big deal about her? I mean, for me she was the spice girl that didn't do much as I recall. The youngens' went MAD every time she had a little solo part

(now you sing) I know you're gone you said you're gone but I can still feel you here

and I promise to not always be this cheesy you just caught me at a really weak moment!