Monday, June 30, 2008

Got my SURF on

I tried my hand at surfing this past Saturday... and I did end up partaking in a great deal of salt water but alas I was able to stand up twice on my board within the hour! I was pretty impressed with myself to say the least, ha - and don't think for a second that my surf board wasn't much smaller than a boat. The surf instructor said that the waves were really stong and that if I tried it again next time I would be able to catch a lot more waves because the ocean shouldn't be as rough. So what did I do...I signed up for another lesson this coming saturday

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I am a sucker

so quite a few moons ago I blogged about the Clarisonic face washing machine thingamajig - it was listed on oprahs favorite things so I figured that I NEEDED it - but alas it is around 200 bucks which I was not willing to spend

But recently I saw a commercial for this new product called the Neutrogena WAVE - which to me was somewhat similar at a MUCH reduced price of 14.99 {it was on sale at Duane Reade for 13.99} so I made the purchase
I just got it yesterday so maybe I will update you later this week to hear about if any progress has been made...haha

Friday, June 20, 2008

TG & Y

I remember going to TG & Y just about every time I stayed at my Grandpa and Grandma W's house.

It was in the good old Choctaw Plaza and my dear cousin and I would seek out the best of the best of the toy section for under a few dollars! I usually came away with a coloring book or a frisbee or something - OR possibly if I was in the mood, just loads candy!
I was just thinking that I always wanted to buy some balloon maker (rubber in a tube you would blow out of a straw) but I was always told it was unsafe. Hmmm I wonder if that balloon thing is still made - I might just have to buy it for the heck of it! You know, prove to everyone just how safe it is!

so I was thinking about TG & Y because I came across a store and it reminded of of all the silly little things I could find in a TG & Y - its called the Blue Ribbon General Store

here were a few things I spied that would be fun to have!


who wouldn't enjoy some CANDY LIPS


will return...NEVER!

nutritional facts of WATER haha

drawing pad AWESOMENESS


similar to what I found the otherDAY

1st official day of SUMMER

and here is a list of a few things that should happen sometime during this summer

walking barefoot in the grass

go for a swim in the ocean

partaking in a little grilled food

possibly take in a baseball game or two - especially since this is the last season in both the Yankees and Mets stadium before they move to their newer homes

Master Cleanse

I think my system is a bit out of wack - and someone reccommended that I try the Master Cleanse for 10 days - I just bought the book yesterday and I read up on it last night. I think I might be interested in trying it!?! I wanna try it because it is suppose to help with your overall health because it detox's your body, but the girl I know who did it said it helped with her allergies.

Basically its the 'lemonade diet' - and you can't have any solid food for 10 days

you drink a concoction of
2 Tlbs of freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 Tbls of grade b maple syrup
1/10 of a tsp of cayenne pepper
8ozs of water

you have to drink 6-12 batches of this a day on top of drinking a slight salt water and some tea - thats it - nothing more nothing less... but 10 days seems kinda long but I think its worth giving it a shot. I read some reviews on and they were mainly positive. HERE is the book I got {I am not doing this to lose weight because I figure once I go back on solid food it will just come right back - I just think it could be beneficial to my health}

I might start it next week sometime?
I am also considering blogging about it everyday because I will need something to distract me from the fact that I won't be chewing on any food!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

just a few fun things

I like this fancy white MIRROR

this men's paper COLLAR!

I like this but I couldn't really tell you why ... it would maybe make for interesting wall ART in someone's office - just kinda fun and cheeky

Vintage chic in an old FAN - just keep the little kids AWAY

Way too big for any logical PURPOSES - but whoever said I was logical?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I heart this house!

um - no I really do! I love the look of it,

if I owned that yellow house in OKC I posted about a long time ago - I would love for it to have the essence of this house

via Absolutely Beautiful Things - Image via Point Click Home


oh how I love thee!

seriously if I could go back tomorrow I would - it is such a beautiful city. I really wished I knew a tiny bit of the french language but I don't and I suppose that is okay too. Ahh, but to sit out in an outdoor cafe drinking coffee and eating - well eating anything they have - makes me one happy girl! If the opportunity ever arises - then I urge you to JUMP on it! A couple of picies from the Paris leg of the trip

in order ... Mary - Laura - ME - Juli and Heather

just strolling along a street in the Montmarte area

Along the Seine

Monday, June 9, 2008

cut a rug

okay - don't cut this RUG because its soo cute!

she has a pink MOLE - fun stuff - actually you can get her with Pink hair or Blue hair with a black mole but I think the pink mole is funny

Friday, June 6, 2008

What I learned from Old Blighty

Okay okay - it all pretty much revolves around food!

- that vinegar on pretty much anything is the best thing EVA! um, seriously I can't get enought of salt and vinegar chips they are crazy yummy and the tangier the better! Why did I never know this????

- I was amped up on antioxidents in London due to the fact that I HEART Ribena! Its this drink made from Blackberrys and I think it delish. {and I get to use the term 'amped up' because I own an AMP - holla to my turntable} - I think I might try to see if I can make a small purchase online and get me some RIBENA at home!

- I can't eat a real english breakfast a.k.a. a 'fry up' because the thought of it makes me nauseous. Now please understand, I am from Oklahoma where fried food is very prevalent, but I just couldn't manage to actually order a 'fry up' and not imagine myself as a vomiting mess later in the day. A full english breakfast consists of bacon, eggs, fried tomatoes, fried mushrooms, toast, baked beans and sausages

adding a couple of pics from the London part of the vaca
finally in the UK - taking the Gatwick Express into city center London

At this asian restaurant called Wagamama

No trip to London would be complete unless you got a pic in a red phone booth

Things I need on a plane

I fly a few times a year - and here is a small list of the things I need on the plane with me!
- my ipod
- lip balm
- ear plugs
- gum
- tylenol PM
- and a book just in case the tylenol PM doesn't work

Monday, June 2, 2008

my poor neglected blog

but fret not because since Cinco de Mayo a LOT has happened!
I was in London for 5 days and then from there I left and headed to Paris for 6. I will give some detail about the trip through some pictures once I get them uploaded. I love London - but geeze Paris is AH-MAZING! I wanna hit up Paris again and STAT!

After we got back that following wednesday I went with some peeps to Pinstripes in the Park. Basically they show a Yankees away game once a season in Bryant Park on a huge screen television so that you can bring out your blankets and sit under the stars and root on your Yanks! It was brilliant - and I was much more appreciative being in NY after having spent time overseas. I even took time to notice the tourist atop the Empire State building {you could see little flashes going off - adorable}

As of saturday evening my turntable is officially in use! I can sit on my bed and listen to little gems in my vinyl collection. I ended up having to get a cheapish home theater system in order for my turntable to connect to my amp to connect to the home theater system. I didn't know much about audio systems - and I still don't really, but I know a little more. I just thought I could plug my turntable into my tv and the speaker on that would work HA!
Then after I finally got my turntable up and running I decided that I needed to get some more records so I spent the day out in the city at flea markets looking to add to my collection -- and ADD I did! {this is a pic of a random record collection}
I bought
- Fleetwood Mac
- James Taylor
- Bruce Springstein
- the best of Patsy Cline
- Michael Jackson
- George Michael
- the best of Captain and Tenniell
- Van Halen
- Bryan Adams
and I think 2 others actually but they have slipped my mind temporarily {not that I love them any less - I am just having a brain}

Upcoming THINGS!

-Heathers birthday and the big celebration is going to be on Saturday at the beer garden in Queens - I might be consuming a hefty amount of Hefeweizen