Friday, August 29, 2008

craigslist OKCity

okay not a fan of the supposed horsehair filling but I love the sofa and chair a lot! and only $280

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

almost licked the screen

totally not necessary right now - but this is just EYE CANDY!

So far today...

Did anyone watch the some of the speeches for the Democratic National Convention last night? I loved the tribute to Ted Kennedy. {shhh - but I teared up a couple of times during Michelle Obama's speech}

There was a line from his speech that really stayed on my mind - "Barack Obama will be a commander in chief who understands that young Americans in uniform must never be committed to a mistake, but always for a mission worthy of their bravery." - I wholeheartedly agree Senator Teddy!

Hmmm, what else OH there were a crazy amount of cops out today... I noticed 3 searching bags as I entered the train - 2 two on my actucal train and 4 more searching bags as I exited the 23rd St. station.

AND I realized yesterday that I still had a few vacation days off work so I am taking off this Thurs and Friday {I think its going to rain on both day bleh} - but if it doesn't I might be hitting the beach and then prepping myself for the concert on Sat.

Monday, August 25, 2008

cute clutch

I like THIS - and the big plus is that it's only $42!

Just a couple of things

- I got asked directions again today {they were looking for 3rd Avenue and I felt kinda bad telling them how far they still needed to go}

- I am sad the olympics is over but I am happy that I can finally get to bed before 1am

- my niece got a cell phone and I have gotten text message/pics/recordings galore! I love it - she is my little buddy! The recordings are the funniest, I have to admit. They come through as a text message but then all of the sudden she is talking to you, haha which totally took me by surprise.
{the first one was her asking if when ever I get back to Oklahoma if I will take her ice skating "I don't know why, but that just came into my head"} hehe
{the second one was her asking if I knew that she got her ear pierced} which I did know but I still love getting little messages and things from her

It seems like she went from a little kid to a t'ween the moment she got her cell phone

- going to a big concert this weekend in Bethel, NY - which is the city of the original Woodstock. NOT to keep up with coolness of the original bands that played there I am going to see JOURNEY - HEART - and CHEAP TRICK

BAHAHAHA - pretty ah-mazing right - should make for some fun sing-a-longs and killer people watching

- oh and I am sooo still relishing in my HUGE win on ebay last night

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well I am the official new owner of a rockin' Vintage Blue Remington Streamliner Portable Typewriter! The really ah-mazing pink one got too pricey and so Sunny Isles, Fl. ended up not having to mail me something after all. BUT its ON Hastings, Nebraska! Well my first time on Ebay actually bidding on something and I WIN. My stomach was churning because I was so nervous but alas I pulled off a win... $27 bucks plus $17.50 for shipping and insurance.

not bad because my max bid was 32.55 - so it was a bit cheaper than I thought I was going to have to pay. I really need to try and understand all the bidding rules on ebay cause I don't get it... but right now I am just soaking up my WIN!

She is really cute isn't she! I think I might name her Hildegaard - Hildy for short{that was the lady's name in the movie His Girl Friday and she totally used a typewriter}

Friday, August 22, 2008


This might get long... so here it goes
Well I have to be honest - I really only scour EBAY I never actually buy things. But I am quite hell bent on getting that really HOT hermes-rocket typewriter. So I went to sign in the other day and for some reason Ebay told me my account was SUSPENDED!!!! WHAT? Suspended? I couldn't even tell you the last time I actually made a purchase on Ebay... I had in the past (and by past I mean many many moons) only made 'buy it now' purchases because the actual bidding on Ebay confuses me a bit.

SO I thought that maybe I had made a purchase and then never paid and Ebay suspended my account because of that? I was really nervous and scared like a school kid in trouble, but I knew I needed to resolve the issue. So Ebay sent me to this IM chat room so I could talk/write one on one with a person from Customer Support. Well my persons name was Angelo F. and I tried to keep our conversation light and funny because I thought I was in trouble and I figured he held the keys to me being reinstated with EBAY. SO then he asks me if I remember registering my account at an address in Brooklyn {see - I tried to tell you it was many moons ago - I haven't lived in Brooklyn since 2005}. I told Angelo "I do!" and he wanted my complete address... I told him to wait because I had to search some old e-mails to see if it was in there because I have moved 3 times since then and I didn't know that old address off the top of my head. Luckily I was able to uncover it in an old e-mail {me not throwing away any old e-mails does occasionally come in handy}. Angelo then proceeds to ask me if I have any immediate family members with an EBAY account? Um, I don't think so, but maybe my sister. Then Angelo needs me to find out. So I text my sister to ask... and she tells me that NO she does not have an EBAY account. Well he then tells me that I did not give him enough information to verify my account and that I am going to have to send some documentation proving I am who I say I am. AND that part of that documentation needs to list my old Brooklyn address. WOAH WOAH WOAH... So I wrote him and I told him that taking longer is not the issue, I can handle that.... but what is going on? What happened to my account and what kind of documents does he need other than my Brooklyn address? He then ignores the first half of my question and only answers the part about the documentation.

I then write "Um, Angelo - I feel that you are avoiding my first question {ha}" (the 'ha' was me keeping it light)
he was nice about it and said that EBAY would be more than happy to explain what happened after I send over the documentation.

So last night I rummage through some old papers and luckily I kept a few pay stubs from an old job that had my Brooklyn address on there and just now EBAY wrote me to tell me that my account is OFF suspension!!! YAY - apparently I didn't do anything wrong and an unauthorized 3rd party hacked into my account. BOOO, but EBAY is taking the steps to make it all better

Thursday, August 21, 2008

right this moment...

MFC asked me to make her a chill/relaxed cd to listen to at the hospital before she gives birth... I have to say I feel a little bit of pressure.

I think I came up with a pretty good list - I was a little surprise how many oldie songs I chose and I hope she will be happy with it... I will be sure and post the list after its in her hands

But it got me to thinking - I should make a cd to give to my friends here before I leave NY and I thought it should include all songs that mention the word Oklahoma.

SO other than the obvious anyone have any suggestions? I can think of a couple but I shant mention their names because ONE of them is on MYC cd!

{ASH - I promise that the last song on the CD is not PUSH It by Salt n Pepper at your request} :)

"I bet she knows... ask HER"

Maybe somehow I just exude an extreme sense of direction and many a stranger/tourist are attracted to it { it must be a super-power I have no contol over}

So here's the thing - I get asked directions all the time. I don't know what about me that makes people assume I know where I'm going but it happens a couple of times a week. I think a lot of it has to do with the part of town in which I work, but it happens in Astoria as well. MFC can attest to part of this because I was speaking with her on the phone the other day and I had a girl interrupt my conversation to ask me which direction she needed to start walking.

Which I found to be funny because not only did she interrupt my phone conversation but I also had on a Oklahoma t-shirt and I was walking around Astoria. Alright alright - the area I was in was a little shady and I was probably the only half normal looking person around but still - I think some of my direction "super-power" lured her into asking me!


Monday, August 18, 2008

If I had one of those things people park their cars in...

Ahh yes you know what mean - a garage! Well if I had a 'garage' I would totally place this awesome TRANSISTOR radio in it! I doubt I would be spending much time in a garage but if I were - I am postive I would turn on this transitor radio - tune into an AM oldies station and rock out. It would make spending time in the garage better! Ahhh I can hear Elvis and the Beach Boys playing now

Saturday, August 16, 2008


{please note this is a special Sat. blog because this is of major importance}
Okay so that maybe not exactly true but I am pretty sure that my {nonexistant} ebay skills are going to be put to good use - why you ask? Well because when I saw this Hermes Rocket-my heart went pitter-patter!

I might even call on my dear friend Candypants because she has honed her mad ebay skills and I am really thinking I need this! I think I even like it better than that pink typewriter I found before. Watch out Sunny Isles, FL - you are going to be mailing me something v. v. soon!


Friday, August 15, 2008

Say no to drug kids!

meth teeth = crazy disgusting

So I had this man approach me as I stepped out for lunch. He looked homeless and had scary/meth teeth but he was dressed well enough - it just looked as if he had not changed out of his quasi-nice outfit in a good month. I assumed he was wanting money and I was correct but he managed to keep me entertained with his story so I heard him out {plus I didnt know how to get away gracefully}. His story was that he needs help "and don't be frightened because I am a gay man" he is a costume designer who left his keys inside his apt. and couldn't make it back in the door and in the hallway he had left his latest designs... and he was sorry that his eyes were a little crazy because "I am so panicking that someone might steal them". But he helped design the costumes for a show on Broadway called The Drowsey Chaprone "Oh good you know of the show!" And that he really needs money for a cab to get back to his apartment to try and beg someone to let him back in. And don't worry about insanely heavy breathing because "I am just panicking about my clothes and its triggering my asthma." I mean him waiting for his next fix didn't have anything to do with it I'm sure.

So I finally get to speak and I tell him I don't have any money... that I am crazy poor and live paycheck to paycheck so I am not the one he should be asking for money - then he got a little grumpy and said that any amount would do - so I gave him a single dollar. There was some talk of his John Varatos jacket... something about that I could hold it but he needed it back? Not really sure where he was trying to go with that.

{Obviously I didn't take a photo of his teeth but they were on par with gleaming enameled pearls}

Thursday, August 14, 2008


there is a nor'easter a brewing outside - it is raining crazy hard. I really really really don't want to be out in it! ugh

not Ebay but I still likey

might look AH-mazing framed and hung over a fireplace for the cheap price of $750
{edit - there was a hint of sarcasm}

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

my new stomping ground

my new stomping ground is EBAY

its just a gold mine of fun things! I found these CHAIRS and I think they would be SO fun as outdoor furniture with a cute little table in between them! and they are only 99 cents so far! I showed them to MFC and she put them on her watch list because she also fancied these gems

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

oh AND...

So I went with my friend Heather to see one of her favorite bands on Sat. But I have to say that one of the opening bands for her band killed them!

{take a seat for this announcement- cause you are sooo going to need it}

Their name is Tragedy and they are the #1 BEEGEE's METAL TRIBUTE BAND in the Tri-State AREA! hahahahaha {the link is to their myspace page}

and I have to tell you they rocked it out - and live they really did sound similar to the Gibbs brothers and I think the very best part was the fact that I knew every single word to every single song they played. It was basically the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. I am fairly positive that I must buy their cd on iTunes - but if they come to a neighborhood near you I highly suggest you go and see them. They were sooo much fun!

smitten kitten

I am in swoon city over this sofa on EBAY!!!

granted the mint green isn't exactly perfect but its soooo pretty and the mint green could work til enough money was saved for a reupholstery job. $399 starting bid - cheaper than most sofas on the market and those sofas don't have any character - or chutzpah.

another sofa in a very DISTANT second place {and you have to click on the link to see the pics because I am too lazy to post them for a sofa that I don't like nearly as much - the mint green stole my heart}

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wolf Parade - KoL - Black Keys

well I went to see WOLF PARADE this past Friday night and they were really great live. They don't have just one lead singer and the different singers sound so different. It was like seeing a few bands in one. BUT here is the BIG NEWS!!!

are going on tour with their starting show happening in NYC on Sept 23rd which I MUST MUST MUST attend!
I have listened to two of the songs off their soon to be released album and I have really liked them both.

okay I am the concert queen lately I know - but tonight I am going to see THE BLACK KEYS! out in Williamsburg. They remind me a lot of The White Stripes who I also adore.