Friday, September 26, 2008

Little Britain USA

I have every season of the orginal Little Britain from the UK and I am so excited that Little Britain USA that is going to be airing on HBO - it is a must watch! Seriously - they are so wrong on so many levels, but thats what makes it soo funny.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

please stand by...

well I am knee-deep in the process of packing up all my belongings for the journey back to Oklahoma. I will admit that at this point I am much further along than I normally am when I move but to the strangers eye, I am probably not even close. Fret not, I still have 3 days to get all my things situated and boxed up. Probably not going to have the chance to blog for a while - so later for now my sweets!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

woo hoo

So I know that MTV or VH1 have tried to rip off this show but it hasn't worked but the orginal show called NEVER MIND THE BUZZCOCKS on the BBC is fantastic! I haven't watched any of the episodes when Mark Lamarr was hosting, but the newest host Simon Amstell is hilarious. He makes me giggle with glee. To quote the BBC, Never Mind the Buzzcocks is an "Irreverent pop quiz, with guest competitors from the worlds of music, TV and comedy." Well the new season is starting soon and I can't wait... and do a search on youtube for the show {especially the ones with Simon hosting} you won't regret it.

fyi - The fella in the pic is Simon.


So one of the guys in the office just took a trip to Thailand and brought back MOCHI for every one in the office. Now I have had plain mochi in my red mango frozen yogurt but I have never tried mochi that is filled with anything. But this mochi that he brought into the office is filled with MILK CHOCOLATE! OMGosh it is so yummy - I have already had 2 pieces today

here's to me hoping that the asian supermarket in OKCity will carry some mochi for me to nosh on!

Monday, September 22, 2008

ode to Gussie Lou

So my parents got a dog - well I guess its been a couple of years now - they got a maltese poodle mix. The breeders showed J and T {my 'rents} the doggie parents of the puppies and they were somewhat reassured that the puppy they chose would be small or at least small-ish. Well low and behold they took home what they considered to be the cutest of the litter and gave her the name Gussie Lou. Well Gussie Lou turned out to be not so small and a bit of a handful. I think she ended up with more poodle than maltese because the last dog they had was all maltese and she was not nearly as wild and crazy as dear Gussie Lou.
She has chewed up some expensive rugs and done various other naughty things and my parents have, at times, been so fed up with her they considered finding her a new home.

Alright alright, I'll wrap it up, but the reason I brought this up was because I got a card in the mail from my mom last week
On the front it has a dog that looks fairly similar to Gussie Lou and the dog is wearing blue sunglasses and a red bandana - the card reads as so...

"Dear Meleia,
Gussie Lou is eagerly awaiting your return home! She wears her sunglasses, sits in the VW Bug, just waiting- just anticipating the many places you will take her! Gussie Lou loves you!"

My mom is funny and clever and she makes me laugh - but darned if she isn't trying to pawn her dog off on me. ha

last night

So last night I was packing up more and more boxes when all of the sudden the movie PRACTICAL MAGIC came on, I was shocked to learn that it came out sooo long ago in 1998. I loved that movie - I loved that soundtrack, when I was watching it, to me, it didn't seem dated so I suppose thats good. Consequently, I became engaged in the movie and I couldn't pull myself away. Later my roommate comes in to find me watching the movie and asks why I'm not watching the Emmy's {CRAP} well thats because I totally forgot about the Emmy's. Well I was already in too deep so I finished out the movie and switched over to the Emmy's right in time for Tina Fey to win all the good ones. Again I will state that Tina Fey is flawless - she is comic perfection... her line after winning one of the awards thanking her parents of "somehow raising me to have confidence which is disproportionate with my looks and abilities. Well done! That is what all parents should do." {I totally concur - now is as good of time as ever - Thanks Mom and Dad!}

And the bit she did with Amy Poehler - welcoming all the nations watching the Emmy's and Amy saying hello to all the parrots - tee hee fantastic. Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart - always funny but besides that I thought that the Emmy's were boring {as usual - I'm glad with my decision to continue watching Practical Magic}

Any gowns you liked? I like Kate Walsh's gown other than the flower in the middle, I liked Mariska Hargitay's yellow gown, and Kyra Sedgwick's little shorter number.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


so last night I had dinner with my friend Julie...

we met in the East Village at a restaurant called Mercadito - it was a tapas restaurant and it was scrumptious and the inside was cute to boot

dinner consisted of

guacamole - we did the tasting of 2
one had pineapple in it which was delish
and the other one was super spicy and it too was delish

the actual meal portion was
the tilapia taco (2)
and the beed taco (2)

and as a side it was plantains roasted in sugar or something
all of it was soo yummy

OH and I got a drink - apparently in Mexico or areas of South America they make a sort of mixed drink with beer called a michelada - mine was basically a bloody mary but with beer instead of vodka
I think Julies had watermelon in it?

anyways it was all yum - and since it was tapas the portions were small but I was totally full by the time I left.

Rosetta Stone

So I really wish that I had a knack for learning languages.. I don't. I do hope that my niece learns a 2nd language because the world is becoming so small and being able to communicate with others is so key in being sucessful. So I think that I am going to save up and buy the 1st level of the ROSETTA STONE learning system of Spanish so my niece and I can learn together. Its cool because they don't do translations but you learn through immersion - so you learn the language naturally. Its fairly pricey at $259.00 but I think it will totally be worth it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

lemon macaron

I had one today and it was quite simply - scrumptious! I could have eaten a TON more even though they are sooo rich. But the other thing is, I can hardly afford to eat them. For a single macaron, $2.50... MiƩrt!

weekend recap

On Friday I went with a couple of friends to see the movie BURN AFTER READING - if you haven't seen it I say SEE IT. Personally I loved it, Brad Pitt was great as the dim-witted gym trainer.

Sat. was a fairly do nothing day - veggied out and watch some football Michigan {go blue} and then after that the OU game {boomer sooner} - then on to SNL

B-T-Dub Tina Fey as Sarah Palin is dead on and hilarious. Is there something that Tina Fey can't do? I say NO - and if you think differently then don't tell me because I am pretty postive that she is flawless!

Sunday I packed some boxes and waited for a friend from HS to get in town and then after that I pretty much had the best NY day ever.

The SAN GENNERO FESTIVAL in Little Italy was going on so we hit that up and then we headed over toGRIMALDIS for pizza {some of the best if not THE best pizza in the city}
and then down the street to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory for vanilla with chocolate chunks on a waffle cone. But to top off the night we walked from Brooklyn to Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge and it was just perfect!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So MAC came out with a their new NANO and they are so pretty!

I will take one in EVERY COLOR PLEASE

and if you want to shuffle the music all you have to do is shake your NANO {shake it like a polaroid picture - I am sooo not even joking!}

it even creates playlists for you after you pick a song - just click on 'start genius'

um this little ipod is freakin crazy and I LOVE IT!


The hair gods have heard your plea about bringing back the BANANA CLIP! I saw a nice older Eastern European woman today on the subway ROCKIN out a banana clip and all I could think about was getting to tell you this exciting news! It was a clear frosted banana clip and you would have jumped for joy!

pic isn't the ideal pic because its only black - but hey I do what I can

Monday, September 8, 2008

something else I want off EBAY


I like its rustic look - but I think by the time its all said and done this letter is going to go for one pretty penny - so for now its just on my watch list.

ohhh I believe in yesterday

so yesterday I made another trip back to Brooklyn so I could make it inside the doors of the Blue Ribbon General Store since I went on Labour day last weekend and they were {of course} closed. But I was able to make a couple of small purchases

I have posted on both of these posters before {I think?} but after I saw them in person I decided I needed them all to myself

my dear roommate make the journey with me this time and we hit a couple more shops in the area... it was nice.

but here are my AH-MAZING purchases {jealous much?} - I have to admit I think the best part about it was they were only $4.95 each woot woot!

Phrenology Head Wrapsheet

A New Yorker's View of the USA

shipping confused

but thats okay - because today in the mail I was totally taken by surprise when a gorgeous typewriter showed up at my office. People here are loving it! They said it reminds them of the tv show Mad Men on AMC. I need to figure out what kind of typewriter ribbon I need to purchase for blue beauty!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

the A.M. extremes

I had just gotten off the train and I was taking the stairs up to the street I noticed a woman walking with one of those backpacks on wheels and there was a man who wasn't paying attention and he stepped on her bag. Mind you I don't think it was intentional but he clearly stepped on this womans bag in a big way - it really tripped her up. This man failed to say he was sorry or even acknowledge the fact that he did anything wrong and just chose to ignore the situation entirely. So the woman says something to him - he again looks at her and then looks away chosing to just ignore the situation. She says something to him again and he won't even look at her this time, so this woman proceeds to pull up her backpack on wheels and hit him in the leg with it and tell him to grow up. He still refuses to address her in any way so she hits at him again with her backpack. Now I am standing on the corner waiting for the light to turn green but I am really wrapped up in this situation so I turn to look around and notice that I am not the only one intrigued by this circumstance... a lot of people are watching at this point. She yells at him once again and tells him to grow up to which he finally responds - well you just hit me with your backpack why don't you grow up. hahaha - the whole situation is SOOO mature I can't even stand it!

So finally the light changes the woman heads in the opposite direction of the man and I head to cosi to grab a coffee. I order my iced coffee with soy milk and the man behind the counter starts on my order. Then all of the sudden as I am grabbing my splenda to put in my coffee I turn around to see the man standing RIGHT behind me handing me my coffee. He asks if it has enough milk and I tell him its perfect.... and he responds with "your perfect, love"

it was weird - I just kinda looked at him funny and said thanks but then I noticed a guy standing in line about to order - start laughing at what had just transpired.

well that was my morning so far... jeepers creepers

oh and because its HIGH-LARIOUS

re: Sarah Palin

Fox News: "She does know about international relations because she is up therein Alaska right next door to Russia."

Jon Stewart: "Alaska is also next to the North Pole so, obviously, she must also be friends with Santa."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

my 5 day weekend

So Thursday I went to Jones Beach with my roommate Laura - caught some rays - it was delightful other than the water was filled with dead jellyfish. So I didn't get in the water much. Bleh - Jellyfish creep me out.

Friday I didn't do much I hung around Astoria because I knew I had to get to bed early because...

Sat. my rear end was meeting up with 3 other Astoria folks so we could all head over to New Jersey so we could carpool up to Bethel, NY for the Cheap Trick, Heart, and Journey concert. The drive was a little long but it was totes worth it, we tailgated and pulled out blankets and sat down and watched a fun fun show!

Okay - if you have the chance to see Heart perform - jump on it, they were freaking fantastic!
and a little tid-bit I did not know before I went to the show,
-Journey found their latest lead singer on youtube? not even kidding - he is from the Philippines and this guy is a freaking parrot! He sounded just like Steve Perry, it was a little ridiculous! Apparently he can also sound just like Sting too! Pretty wicked, but the funny part was at the very end when he was saying thank you to the audience it was in pretty broken english... its just so odd he can sing perfectly like Steve Perry but when he says thank you and goodnight it was quasi-tough to understand.

Sun. got up pretty early and headed from Bethel, NY back to the city where I crashed - slept slept slept

Mon. I got up and around because I wanted to head to a store in Brooklyn called the Blue Ribbon General Store. Made it out there only to find it closed - DUH I mean its Labor day, I should have known better. But thats okay because I then spent some time just walking around Brooklyn in the Boreum Hill, Carroll Gardens and Park Slope (my old hood) areas of Brooklyn. There are just soo many restaurants and shops and pretty much anything else you can imagine. I am going to miss that a lot - all the diversity there is in NY.

AND LASTLY - I went from Park Slope to the L.E.S. in the city and cooled myself off in a movie. I went and saw American Teen - a documentary about group of 5 students who went to HS in a town in Indiana. It reminded me to be grateful that I survived HS fairly unscathed. It was good - I recommend everyone to Netflix 'American Teen' once it gets released.

Well that was basically my weekend round-up! How was yours?