Friday, March 28, 2008

making up for lost time apparenlty

So a lot of blogs right in a row... but I think I will leave you lovely readers with this song. Its been out for a while, but I still like it LOTS! Now when will they get around to releasing the whole CD in the US???


Big League City

Well I have been told that its pretty much a done deal that Oklahoma City is getting an NBA basketball team. They will most likely leave the name Sonics in Seattle. So what names would be fitting for Oklahoma City. I have seen people make note about, the Oklahoma City Energy or the Oklahoma City Barons {because of all the oil} Ashley mentioned the Oklahoma City WIND {which I don't enjoy - what would the mascot look like}... and even the OKC Rattlers, OKC Gushers or OKC Pioneers.

But there has to be something way better that no one has thought of yet.
Any suggestions?

peach and pink... can it get any better???

I don't know if it can!

I know this is a little silly but, I find this TYPEWRITER to be delighful! Do I need it, well obviously no. Do I want it? Um, that is a major yes!

Who wouldn't want a note typed from an old school typerwriter? I know I would heart it!

long time, no blog

oops, there has been a delay in my blogging, I will apoligize to my cousin Ashley because I am fairly positive that she is my only faithful reader.

I am on the fending off a major cold... my nose is driving me a bit mad at the moment. BUT THIS and this alone made my day. I am in major swoon mode for THIS today!

Yes I would want her in red {she would need to be a 3 speed} and I would totally buy this 'beauty' an awesome wicker basket so I could attach it to the front and she would be called SADIE!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

if I came into a nice chunk of money...

I would totally buy this house and then GUT IT! It has sooo much potential, it just needs a little TLC and money thrown at it. Its in a older neighborhood in OKC and I am officially swooning over this joint. The yellow would have to go away, maybe change it to white... and then how cute would a bright blue or emerald green front door be. It has a porch.. I mean who doesn't love a good porch???

just a few things

Remember when you would get liquid in your straw by holding the top of the straw and then let your finger off the top so that all the liquid would spill into your mouth!?! Well same concept, but this is the fancy grown-up version! They said its original use is for soy sauce, but no one is holding you back from using it with olive oil either. Personally, I think I would be tempted to fill it with soda and pour it out in my mouth. What can I say, childish at heart!

I would LOVE to see someones face if I handed them one of these cards during a movie. I'm not sure it would work, but it would be delightful if it actually did. For some reason I have the situation playing out in my head and it doesn't end well, and the last thing this movie-talker would do is actually be quiet. Yes I have quite the imagination! I would also like to see a card like this but instead of 'stop talking' I would enjoy one that said 'shut your yapper and if you touch your phone again during the movie there will be a big burly man outside to beat you... thanks {and kisses}'

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

my vocal repugnance for word verification


Um, I hate those things! Seriously I try to get tickets and they give me a blurry word with an even blurrier line through it. They make it ridiculously impossible to read much of the time. And who makes up this letter combination {computer generated I'm sure - damn those smart computers}? I get in a panic because I am put on a time limit in which I have to solve the mystery word in order to get these tickets. And now just to make things a bit more tricky ticketmaster has decided to make it a two word combo with a space in between, but the one above astounds me the most... did they up the ante and give me a number? UGH!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

dressed to the nines... just don't ring the bell

Supposedly I was a nudist as a child! Now granted I have seen photos, but whose to say those weren't staged? Okay here is the story that I've been told, take it with a grain of salt because I don't know if there is a way to prove any of this! So, my dear sweet precious mother would take the time each and every morning to dress her daughters. And by dress I mean full-on clothes, a simple onesie would not suffice. We needed to look cute because as she would put it "you never know who you will run into." The house we were living in at the time had a big wooden door which had a safety swinging glass door on the other side of that, so when open natural light would come in. Now here is where it gets interesting, my parents knew quite a few people that lived in the neighborhood and so people would occasionally drop in unannounced. Allegedly I would be all dressed up in my sunday's best, but as soon as that doorbell rang it was my cue to immediately strip down nude and run as fast as my little legs could carry me to the front door with my poor mom chasing behind. I felt the need to rip all my clothes off and greet whoever it was at the door in my birthday suit. Alright, I know that my parents would never fabricate such a story to me, so I am going to have to admit defeat and just agree to the notion that I was a nudist as a toddler. What can I say, I was just trying to be one with nature!

Me in my sporting wear on a lazy day just playing with my sister in our old backyard. Oh just in case you are some stranger reading my blog I am the one who looks like she has on a wig... I just had big hair for a baby!

I am needy!

So here is something else I feel I need. Okay its really just want, I don't actually need all that much. But there is a whole LOT that I want.

Apparently the Clarisonic was on Oprah's Favorite Things list, and if its Oprah approved, then it has to be good... right? RIGHT!

Monday, March 17, 2008


I know super lame - but its Kaitlyn! The old people parade! haha

I wanna hold you in 'fancier' {parenthesis}

{these are way fancier than those old boring parenthesis... I shall use them instead} - does anybody know what {} are called? And what is their real pupose?

i love you {period....} do you love me {question mark????}
please please {exclamation point!!!!}
I wanna hold you in {fancy pants parenthesis}}}}

{UPDATE: they are brackets {and I totally should have known that} but I am going to use them in place of all my parenthesis}

ode to my purse

So I need a new purse... the one I carry most often is dying a slow death. I have had it for a good 8 years {give or take a year} and it has been through a lot. Don't get me wrong it has disappointed me a few times by allowing valuable wallets and mobile phones to fall out {oops}, but for the most part it has been good to me. Now the strap is starting to unravel and I am fairly sure that it can't be fixed, but I refuse to let it fall into its long sleep without making it really WORK for it. So in the mean time I have been trying to research a replacement for my dear friend. For as much as I love my purse, I do wish it were a bit bigger. And like the one I have now my new one needs to be able to fit under my arm. I know what you are thinking... wow, its a little pricy at $198! But you have to understand, I don't change purses very often, when I find a purse I like, I wear it with everything.

So I think I want this purse in BLACK!

PS - dear parents, if you read this please note I do NOT want this for my birthday - I would prefer some cashola for my trip Over The Pond! {kisses}

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

after work

I am going to purchase the movie Dan In Real Life... which I thought was a little depressing, but I still kinda liked it.


I heart Tracey Ullman! I remember watching The Tracey Ullman show when I was growing up, and now she has a new series on Showtime {do ya'll remember at the end of the show she would always say "go home, GO HOME - love it}. Um, I am pretty sure I need to make friends with someone who has Showtime, stat!!!

I mean the bit on Andy Rooney, Renee Zellweger and David Beckham = hilarious

Monday, March 10, 2008

the story of a dismissive hippo

SO yeah, I got denied... and I am ashamed! So I was walking the short walk from my office to the subway and I was on the corner of 23rd and 6th Avenue and there stood a person handing out flyers. AND not just any person but a person inside a hippopotamus costume. Normally, I don't take those flyers because, well, they are usually just advertistments of products and stores that wouldn't buy things from or go to. So I see this Hippo trying to pass out flyers and to an unwilling mob of people, so I decide that I will go ahead and take a flyer. So my hand reaches out to take a flyer and the HIPPO denies me of my flyer... Hippo pulls back the stack of flyers he/she/it is holding and just refuses my advances and instead just waves at me. Um, I was rebuffed by the hippo with a wave!!! Um, seriously?? YES, indeed I was rebuffed by the hippo. Its not like I didn't see the hippo giving out flyers to other people, so I am fairly positive that I was intentionally denied a flyer. It was totally a walk of shame to the subway, I could feel the people around smirk to themselves... smirking at my expense! haha

I am pretty sure this is what the hippo looked liked the pic. below MINUS the big goofy grin

just in case you wanna get a jump start on your halloween costume.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Which came first... the chicken or the egg?

I would LOVE it if I were at someone's house or a restaurant and I got served some eggs in these!!! So funny and cute at the same time. I have NO use for these really, so I will just admire from a far but, seriously cute cute stuff.