Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Do you remember the time

Oh Mister Jackson - How I have missed you far longer than just your recent passing
SO here are some of my fondest memories of Michael Jackson

+ dancing all by myself in my room to the Thriller album on my Fisher Price record player
{I would had to have been 5 or younger because we moved when I was six and it was in the old house}

+ totally owned some Michael Jackson figurine which I played with with my Barbie's - and its quite possible that I still have him in some box filled with dolls in some dank storage unit???

+ Being able to see Captain EO in 3-D at Disney World or Epcot on two separate occasions and loving it both times {fun facts - I just now found out via wiki that Captain EO was directed by Francis Ford Coppola AND apparently its the first time the world sees MJ with a celf chin}

+ learning the Thriller dance in HS - and now only remembering bits and pieces of the dance

+ and lastly - not even 2 months ago I obtained a pretty good vinyl of Thriller - maybe in hopes of recapturing my inner 3-5 year old ha

Okay - so those are some of my personal fav MJ moments, do YOU have any you wanna share?

In my lifetime {thus far} I was able to grow up as Michael was becoming the King of Pop. I really only knew him as an artist in his own right, being that I was too young to associate him with the Jackson 5 until I was older. The 80's and 90's were his glory days and he deserved any and all accolades he received. And although
his mystic and magic faded into an shade of peculiarity that became difficult for me to love and I resorted back to his early music to tune out his oddities. He changed music forever, I mean for crying out loud his is Michael Jackson and he will be forever missed!

In these days that lie ahead for his children I send this warm and happy thoughts.

{and the pic is of the Thriller album I got not long ago}

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