Saturday, July 18, 2009

Records covers

Record covers could supply me with endless entertainment. For the most part, it's one giant WHAT WHERE YOU THINKING kind of moments. Great fun for moi!
Well, I was able to go through somebodies old records and take what I wanted and there are a few I thought I would share because... well they were funny

SO here is a man named GEORGIO - he kinda reminds me of one of the guys from Milli Vanilli (sp?)

Some of his songs titles are perfect considering his album cover styling - the pic I took wasn't so great but you might be able to make out a few like, "I Won't Change" and "Menage a Trois" hehe

BUT I guess GEORGIO had a change of heart seeing that his SECOND ALBUM was titled "I Don't Want 2 Be Alone" I guess he was able to sow his wild oats during his 1st album. Oh, and I am pretty sure he was sporting the manscaped brows LONG before it became popular. What an interesting "artist" I didn't keep either of these musical masterpieces but I thought others might be interested in Georgio.
I didn't know anything about him so the what is the best place on the internet superhighway to get random information???? well its WIKIPEDIA of course so click on that if you wanna know things about him.

SO this last album I thought was just plain weird... it is "The Language and Music of the Wolves" HUH??? and its by ROBERT REDFORD??? HUH squared!

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