Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cake Decorating

I had wanted to take a class for a long time but I just never did, so when a family friend told me about a short class at Hobby Lobby I jumped at the chance. Its a 1 day a week, 4 week class and I only have 2 classes left but I finished my first cake! The lady told us to make something super simple with just 3-4 colors. I chose to make my own image because I wanted to draw a cute little owl.

Without further ado - please meet Mister Owl

I had someone tell me that it looks like he is screaming haha - and it totally does now that she said that, but it was just supposed to be the top of his beak to the bottom of his beak, not of an open screaming mouth oops! I should have made his eyes bigger and maybe made the top of his beak more rounded - oh well - live and learn! I promise to share my next cake with you, but she is having us make clowns - bleh - not my favorite thing.

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