Saturday, July 18, 2009

Estate Sale

So I had the opportunity to go to a couple of Estate Sales on Friday and Saturday. I didn't have that much luck today/Saturday, but Friday I was able to make a couple of purchases

I got 2 silver necklaces, a drawing of a girl {who needs a ton of TLC} and some old cards, I would guess from the 60's {most were blank birthday and Christmas card}

ALL of this cost me a total of 9 bucks... not too shabby considering Christmas Cards can be sooo expensive plus the girl in the pic is lovely.

I didn't take any photos of the necklaces - they are just simply silver chains... but the cards and the lady I got some shots of...

I am beyond crushing on the typography! love love love it! And so many of the cards have lovely little details that just aren't done that often (especially for less that 2 bucks a card). Not sure how noticeable it is in the photo but Santa's beard is made with some lovely glitter. And come December and birthday's I am sure some of you will receive these cards so I hope I didn't ruin the surprise too much.

now check out the girl - that hat and the collar on her shirt - TOO CUTE! Other than the actual drawing she needs new everything - but all in good time. I believe the lady whose home I was in was named Audrey so I am pretty sure its her in the drawing. Or at least I hope, because the drawing looks like an Audrey to me now.

LAST THING - one of those homes I was in today - they LOVED color and crazy fun wallpaper. There was pink and purple everywhere! I took a shot on my iphone of one bathrooms wallpaper. Very brave color scheme they had going on, personally not for me but fun to see in a home.-

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